An international quality management conference

Excellence Summit is a conference scheduled to include sessions where participants will be able to listen to influential speakers from companies and organizations from the business world and furthermore take advantage of the latest academic results in the field of quality. There will also be parallel sessions in which the participants can choose between several relevant up-to-date areas.

Program themes 2020

Meeting strategies through quality and strategies for quality

As the world is developing at exponential rates, agile but thorough implementation of strategies become vital for success. Organizations focusing customers and stakeholders are in the long run most successful and hence strategies for customer satisfaction – quality will be crucial going forward. What are the constituents of successful strategies in a world that develops faster than ever before?

Improving quality through digitalization and quality of digitalization

Digitalization is a mean for solving and offering totally new customer solutions while also improving the efficiency of organizations. The paradigm shift offered by digitalization and artificial intelligence can fundamentally improve quality and customer solutions. At the same time, digitalization and artificial intelligence is only effective if the data used as input is relevant and accurate for its intended use. How will we validate products and services when they themselves are built on and encompass intelligence that develops over time?

Sustainability through quality and achieving a sustainable quality development

Quality is a platform for financial and economic sustainability and given a stable financial situation an organization can be successful managing its environmental and social challenges supporting a sustainable development. Hence, over time focusing the needs of customers and stakeholders as the critical platform for long term success, how can organizations change and improve to better integrate a value proposition towards quality and sustainable development?