List of speakers from Excellence Summit 2018


Britt-Marie Mattsson

Session leader

Ekaterina Spiridonova

Principal Analyst

Janak Mehta

Chairman and managing Director of TQM International

Niklas Hedin

founder and CEO of Centiro

Johan Folkunger

Managing Director Sweden, Philips Health Systems

Åsa Zetterberg

Government CDO of Sweden

Anne-Charlotte Holmgren

Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ)

Jianhua Lu

Director of Quality of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries

Anna Granö

Director for Enterprise Group Sweden and Managing Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sweden

Shinichi Sasaki

Senior Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

Karl Williams

Production Quality and Opex Manager ABB Robotics Sweden

Anders Fundin

Mälardalen University

Li Gaoshuai

Deputy Secretary-General of CAQ

Willy Vandenbrande

QS Consult, Belgium

Aman Singh

Co-Founder and Head of Analytics at Intangles Lab

Marita Bergendahl

Sandholm Associates

Sunil Thawani

CEO, Quality Indeed Consulting

Sunil Sinha

Resident director of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the Tata Group

Yvonne Lagrosen

professor, Linnaeus University

Åsa Rönnbäck

Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ)

Mats Deleryd

CEO Swedish Institute for Quality (SIQ)

Didier Schreiber

Senior Vice President Innovation, CEVT AB

Gert Willaert

Launch Leader Painted Body, Product & Process Engineer Upperbody in Ghent Volvo Car Corporation

Elmer Corbin

Global Delivery Excellence Executive IBM Watson Health

Shinya Fushimi

Corporate advisor of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Maria Strømme

Professor of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University

Noriaki Kano

Educator, lecturer, writer and consultant in the field of quality management

Sandra Särav

Global Affairs Director Government CIO Office Estonia

Lars Sörqvist

CEO Sandholm Associates

Gregory H. Watson

Past-President and an Honorary Member of the International Academy for Quality

Fredrik Hedfors

Senior Vice President Quality, Cevt AB

Cecilia Hedblad Sjölin

Factory Manager NorDan AB

Robert E Cole

Prof. Emeritus UC Berkeley

Tom Johnstone

Chair of the Board at Husqvarna

William J. Troy

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Martin

M.Sc., M.A. Linköping University

Stefan Lagrosen

Professor of Business Administration Linnaeus University

Cecilia Hertz

Space designer with experience from NASA, founder and CEO of Umbilical Design

Romain Denis

Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Quality Compliance US / EMEIA at Intuitive Surgical

Henrik Edman

CEO Kvalitetsmässan

Raine Isaksson

Associate professor Uppsala University

Jacob Hallencreutz

EPSI Rating Group

Nina Nissilä

Chief Digital Officer State Treasury of Finland